• Jenzabar™ CX Support

    Serensoft has decades of experience helping colleges and universities with their Jenzabar™ CX (formerly CARS) ERP systems, from planning to implementation, from customization and training to documentation and inter-system automation.

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  • FAQ

    Looking for answers? Check out the Serensoft FAQ Where we discuss Cognos reporting techniques, building html templates in XSL, and lots more.

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  • Open Source

    Serensoft has expertise in many Open Source systems; we know how to keep Open Source from being a burden to your IT staff while maximizing the incredible functionality and resources available to you as open source.

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  • ERP Workflow

    Serensoft can help your administrative staff get the most out of your Student Information System (SIS). We can customize it to smooth out workflow processes, we can train your staff on how to use it, and we can provide documentation as a follow-up reference.

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  • ERP Support

    Serensoft can help your IT staff with ERP support, to maintain and customize your existing ERP system. Training, documentation, programming, workflow analysis and more -- Serensoft has the expertise you need.

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Serensoft -- IT Services for Higher Education

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ERP Systems & Administrative Computing

With over 20 years of experience helping higher education institutions get the most out of their institutional technology, we thoroughly understand the culture and unique challenges that institutions struggle with. We will help with the ERP Selection process or if you have already selected a system, provide implementation support services in the form of Advice & Advocacy.