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Customized Capture and Distribution

Your current Administrative Computing system can be used more effectively by utilizing the Web for capturing and distributing information — directly to and from your enterprise data.

Web based capture and distribution can:

  • enable prospects to submit applications on-line and monitor needed documents.
  • enable students to register on-line, view billing information, and perform many of the administrative tasks that currently require a trip or phone call to the Registrar's office.
  • enable staff to submit and monitor budgets as well as maintain time sheets and student employment information.
  • enable donors to learn about — and learn from — the students they support directly and indirectly.
  • enable alumni to utilize institutional resources to enhance their careers.

Using the Web to enhance both data capture and distribution leverages the institution's previous investment in their Administrative software. Access to data is significantly expanded and available from anywhere via the Web. Most importantly, the Institution's constituencies benefit.

For Business Intelligence reporting, Serensoft offers a wide range of services around Cognos® tools -- enabling you to extract the information most meaningful to your individual offices.