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Documentation is a strategic asset, designed to assure optimal use of the system being documented. When you look at Documentation this way, you realize the importance of context. Each user goes through different stages in her/his learning; trying to cram everything into one generic document ignores the importance of context for the learner. Since any institution and/or office will have different levels of user, Serensoft requires that Documentation not only be fully customized, but that it be broken out into three separate and distinct levels:

  1. Beginnings: Gentle tutorials to introduce common features
  2. Foundation: A reference that reveals most of what any user will need to know
  3. Horizons: Advanced examples showing what the system can be made to do

With this documentation structure, filled with examples and data from your own institution, your personnel can pick up the basics easily, and then gradually ease their way in to using the more advanced tools — when they're ready.

This approach to Documentation also minimizes the impact of employee turnover: new employees can glean a great deal from this multi-tiered approach, making it a simpler task to bring them "up to speed" on the tools at hand.