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Learning Management and Portfolios

Your campus is a vibrant community of open minds, open to new possibilities around every corner. Open Source software is available to address the Academic Computing needs of campuses such as yours. One advantage of Open Source solutions is that there are no escalating license fees!

Learning Management System

There are many Open Source offerings designed to address the needs of a Learning Management System (LMS). Originally termed "Course Management Systems" (CMS) these products all do much more than develop coursework materials.

  • Deliver a richer learning experience
  • Facilitate distance learning
  • Allow for online access 24/7 to students and instructors
  • Provide automatic grading of certain types of tests

Electronic Portfolios

Electronic portfolios (e-portfolios) encourage your students to look at each learning event as part of a larger life experience. The reflective process of ePortfolios gets your students to develop a stornger conscience, be better team players, and have a clearer sense of their effect on the world around them.

  • provide assessment portfolios for your students
  • ePortfolios encourage introspection
  • developmental portfolios show student growth over time
  • integrate your ePortfolios with your learning management system

Academic Computing Support

Serensoft can help you select the LMS that's right for your needs, and can also help you implement it. If you need help installing it, we can do that, too — plus whatever day-to-day administration is needed.

But often, the biggest hurdle isn't technological... it's buy-in! Serensoft can help to train your faculty and students in utilizing the resources you put at their disposal: we develop customized training materials that are interesting and fun... using screen-shots from your actual installation, assuring a vivid context for easy understanding by your users.

Give us a call — we can help.