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Learning Management System

There are many Open Source offerings designed to address the needs of a Learning Management System (LMS). Originally termed "Course Management Systems" (CMS) these products all do much more than develop coursework materials.

Unlike many Open Source projects, Sakai is directed by a core group determined to manage the project effectively — instead of having volunteers traipse off when they lose interest in a task, the Sakai team is focusing on thorough project management, from inception through completion, for each task. It's written in Java, so it's platform-agnostic, and it works fine in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Electronic Portfolio

But more than just a Learning Management System, your faculty and students will eventually need a full-fledged Electronic Portfolio system — somewhere they can gather all their artifacts and evidence together and craft a presentation or two based on their work. For Sakai implementations, there's Open Source Portfolio (OSP) which sits atop Sakai and adds a dozen new tools to the mix. One is the Portfolio Templates, where administrators can define skeletons (in XSL) to transform student resources into handsome web pages; another is the Matrix which faculty can define by specifying criteria and skill levels, where one level must be submitted, reviewed and approved, before beginning the next. The Matrix encourages the student to look at each learning experience in the context of a larger life experience.

Serensoft can install, deploy, customize, and train your users on OSP. We'll help you develop your matrices, customize templates, "skin" your worksites, and more.

Customized Interface Development

Once you've got it installed, you need to bend it to your will — make sure that it handles things the way you need it to, and customize the workflow and appearance to fit your institution. Serensoft can help you there, too. We'll develop skins and templates for you, or show you how to develop your own.

Academic Computing Support

Serensoft can help you select the LMS that's right for your needs, and can also help you implement it. If you need help installing it, we can do that, too — plus whatever day-to-day administration is needed.

But often, the biggest hurdle isn't technological... it's buy-in! Serensoft can help to train your faculty and students in utilizing the resources you put at their disposal: we develop customized training materials that are interesting and fun... using screen-shots from your actual installation, assuring a vivid context for easy understanding by your users.

Give us a call — we can help.