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Serensoft presents two sessions at Sakai 2009 Conference in Boston

Posted by will

Cambridge, Massachusetts -- The Sakai community gathers on the Charles River near the MIT campus to discuss the present and the future of Learning Management and Collaborative Learning within the Sakai system.

Attendees from England, China, South Africa, Australia, France, Brazil, and dozens of other countries have travelled to meet each other and share tips and concerns about using Sakai in hundreds of different contexts, affecting thousands or millions of students and faculty around the globe.

Will Trillich from Serensoft has presented two different talks for "Sakai09":

  • "Reporting on OSP/evaluation data" -- introducing a new Serensoft module that allows you to use any off-the-shelf reporting tool (such as Crystal Report, Cognos tools, Pentaho, etc) to report on your OSP form data!

    See the Slideshare presentation or the PowerPoint presentation

  • "Building your First OSP Template" -- A beginner's introduction to crafting XSL templates to pull all that OSPortfolio data into a web page

    See the Slideshare presentation, or the PowerPoint presentation

Newbies always collect a lot of new tips and make a bunch of new connections at conventions like this, but the established folk can benefit as well. "One of the best aspects about conferences like this" notes Trillich, "is that even the 'old hands' can pick up a trick or two. I was lucky enough to have a savvy developer in my Intro-To-XSL session who picked up a new time-saving tip from my talk. It's great to be able to help folks in ways like that." (That particular tip is mentioned in point seven of this FAQ.)

In between the official sessions, and after-hours, there was a great deal of camraderie and fun. We're looking forward to the fun and information next year in Denver!