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Implementation Support -- Advice & Advocacy

A change of enterprise-level software for any institution is a HUGE undertaking, fraught with challenges, risks, constituency resistance to change and hard work. During an implementation IT departments and institutional offices are asked to do all of their regular duties, while at the same time going through an enormous change management effort. It involves thinking through and changing your process and procedures to accommodate a new system and have a new system accommodate your needs — a full time job unto itself.

How nice would it be to have someone to turn to... someone who has been through the implementation process before with other institutions... who is looking out for your institution's best interests? How great would it be to have this level of experience at your disposal - not only for you to ask questions of - but someone who is going to make you aware of potential issues (before they become issues) that your software vendor may overlook?

Find out how Serensoft brings comfort to CIO's throughout the ERP implementation process. As with everything else we do, our Providence Methodology is central to the value that we provide... .well... that and 20+ years of experience in helping institutions take full advantage of technology.