20th Anniversary Celebration: April 3

Since our founding in April of 2003, we’ve helped colleges and universities coast to coast, slinging their data hither and yon. We troubleshoot connectivity issues, build data pipelines, transform data from CSV and XML to SQL and back again, develop RESTful APIs and automate table-maintenance that supports dashboards enabling solid short-term and long-term decisions from top brass on campus.

We’ve written code in Python, SQL, Perl, Javascript and more. We use command-line tools, Boomi, Apache Hop, Pentaho and more, to automate your flow of data. We use Vi and VSCode, Cron and Scheduler, VPNs out the wazoo, and plenty more besides.

But not on April 3.

We are taking a day off, April 3, 2023, to have some off-line fun. You can expect us back online April 4, of course. So please have your data emergencies by April 2, or postpone them until April 4.

See you on the other side!