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Serensoft Offerings

IT Services for Higher Education

Serensoft offers a wide array of interconnected and interdependent services designed to help you, your department and your institution.

Administrative Computing Support

Serensoft can support institutions on varying levels. 

  • We can supplement your IT department to help reduce their workload and improve workflow.
  • We can support your end-users directly, whether it's through email, phone or in person.
  • Serensoft can act as the single point of support (or clearinghouse) for all Administrative Computing issues for the entire institution.

Business Intelligence

Leveraging Cognos Analytics, Serensoft can build a suite of reporting tools that help your administration make more informed decisions.

  • Architecting the reporting model from scratch in Framework Manager, or customizing and modifying the models you're already using
  • Building Reports, Dashboards and Visualizations from your own data sources
  • We can construct custom tables in your database for more effective reporting

Customized Interface Development

Institutions such as yours have unique information issues, distinct from those of corporations. They also have significant characteristic differences from each other. A tuition-dependent private college will have information requirements distinct from those of a public or research university, whose needs will differ from a two-year community college. Even two seemingly similar schools will have differing indicators to track in order to ensure the continued success of the institution. It's unrealistic to expect one piece of out-of-the-box software to be viable for the highly-specialized needs of all types of higher education institutions.

When the Administrative System interface does not meet department-specific workflow requirements, the offices often revert to using familiar means to capture and otherwise utilize data. Examples include desktop database applications such as FileMaker, or in spreadsheets such as EXCEL. This results in what is known as "islands of information" — data that is siphoned away from the central enterprise data, preventing departments from "cross-pollinating" each other's data. 

Serensoft provides a fresh perspective on institutional or department-level workflow: we customize the interface to better meet the unique workflow issues of your institution. The goal here is to increase usage of the enterprise Administrative System and eliminate "islands of information".

All of these areas are interconnected in some way. You can't effectively address any one of them in a vacuum. By simply realizing their interconnected nature and addressing them concurrently, institutions will be taking the first step toward realizing the maximum value of their Administrative Computing investment. Serensoft can help — that's what we do.