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Providence Methodology

Providence refers to our distinctive 'Providence MethodologySM' and we apply it to every project we undertake. This structured system leads to a truer understanding of your needs, flexibility in project execution, better service, and an overall better and more pleasant relationship.

A breakdown of Serensoft's Providence Methodology:


We recognize that each institution and department has its unique characteristics and needs — our rigorous assessment allows us to determine how to meet these needs.

Commitment to Your Success

Everything we do is predicated on helping you succeed and each step we make has your ultimate goal in mind. Our exceptional level of commitment is demonstrated in the fact that our assessments are completely free.

Customized Solutions

Beginning with our thorough assessment, we design and implement solutions that are unique to your institution and work best with your needs.

Tiered Training

Our approach to training is customized — meaning we use your data and your situations — to create tiered context for the most effective learning environment. Our training tiers — Beginnings, Foundations, and Horizons — allow you to move through different contexts to fully understand the material we present.

Start-to-Finish Project Management

The project manager that performs your assessment will be your contact for everything you do with Serensoft. We promise a consistent relationship to further fortify our commitment to your success.

Fixed Price Solutions

The price we quote is the actual project cost. Serensoft believes that it is our responsibility to meet your needs at the price agreed to from the start.

Adapting New Technology

We maintain a proactive strategy throughout everything we do. Our approach involves diffusing the newest technology and managing the process to maximize the benefit for students, faculty, and administrators.