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Cognos Offerings


Serensoft can help you with your Cognos Business Intelligence toolkit. Even if you're still using legacy platforms like Impromptu or ReportNet, Serensoft can help.

Once your Cognos system is configured, Serensoft can help you get the most out of it. We produce inter-linked reports that let your decision-makers move forward with up-to-the-minute, sound, information-based decisions. We can train your users how to create strategic, tactical and transaction reports.

Series 8 / Series 10

  • Framework Manager -- for Series 8, you build your reporting model in Framework Manager. Dimensional reporting and transactional reporting are both enabled here, once you know how the data is structured and what the reporting objectives are. Serensoft can help you add customizations to your model or implement entirely new models from scratch.
  • Report Studio -- Amazingly flexible and powerful reports are built here. We'll put together a series of linked reports that your users can click through to get to the exact answers they need to make the important decisions. Report Studio can build dashboard-like reports as well.
  • Query Studio -- Charts and self-expanding or self-collapsing lists can be designed here. Serensoft will show your users how to use the tool to design reports on-the-fly to extract important and useful patterns from your data.
  • Analysis Studio -- Serensoft will provide multi-dimensional reporting for your campus, using "cubes" to analyze data from various perspectives to slice and dice the data as needed.

Impromptu / PowerPlay / Series 7

  • Impromptu -- Serensoft can build or customize your reporting catalogs, and then design amazingly useful reports. Using the drill-thru feature, reports can be chained together to make finding exact answers a snap.
  • PowerPlay / Transformer -- Multi-dimensional analysis enables quick, interactive drill-down so your decision-makers can see cause and effect, spot trends, and take action based on deep understanding of the data.
Serensoft can help you with all of these Cognos tools and more. Give us a call to find out how we can help your administrators better understand, and better leverage, their own data.